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Belgian Go Federation, IBAN: BE73068909834260 - BIC: GKCCBEBB 
Address: De Baerdemaekerstraat 52, 1601 Ruisbroek (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw), BELGIUM
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  1. Fill the form with your data, in accordance with the rules (required fields, eg).
  2. Verify your data.
  3. When it's correct, fill the captcha and click the submit button (below).
  4. You'll receive a mail with your data and a link to confirm your subscription. Please, click it to prove it's really you who want subscribe.
  5. The mail contains also a unique id (egcbelX, where X is a unique number); please, use this id in your communication(s) and payment(s) to avoid any confusion.
  6. Once the EGC 2019 team has validated your subscription, you will appear on the page of registered people.
If you don't want that your name appears on the page of registered people, please let us know.

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Please pay the fees to the Belgian Go Federation. IBAN: BE73068909834260 - BIC: GKCCBEBB 
Address: De Baerdemaekerstraat 52, 1601 Ruisbroek (Sint-Pieters-Leeuw), BELGIUM
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